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Family dentistry is the heart and soul of Kenosha Breeze Family Dental. Dennis J. Carlile, DDS, has provided top quality dental services to families in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, for three decades. His personable nature, attention to detail, and compassionate care make him one of the most highly sought dentists in the area. If you’re looking for a family dentistry specialist to help you and your loved ones maximize your dental health, click or call to schedule a consultation today.

Family Dentistry Q & A

What is family dentistry?

Family dentistry is an area of dental practice that provides services to people of all ages. When your entire family uses the same dentist, many aspects of dental care can be simplified.

Some of the reasons to choose a professional who specializes in family dentistry include:

  • Ability to schedule appointments for all family members at once
  • Opportunity to combine appointments on the same day
  • Chance to build a lasting relationship with your dentist
  • Ease of introducing children to proper dental care
  • Continuity of care as family members age

Dr. Carlile strives to put patients at ease during their visits, and he will do the same with you. He will take as much time as needed to make sure you understand all the available options before choosing a treatment path.

Why is family dentistry important for kids?

Children form lasting impressions about dentists and dental health during their first few experiences in a dentist’s chair. Dr. Carlile understands the importance of making your child’s visit memorable for all the right reasons.

He takes the time to get to know each child and never proceeds with an exam or treatment until he or she is calm and comfortable. Establishing that level of trust is important to creating a positive first impression.  

When kids enjoy visiting their dentist, they are more likely to continue routine dental exams as they grow into adulthood. And if your youngsters eventually settle down in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, on their own, Dr. Carlile can continue meeting their dental needs for years to come.

How can family dentistry improve my dental health?

Dr. Carlile creates a thorough dental record for each man, woman, and child in his care. This record includes a wide range of data concerning your dental health.

X-rays, exam findings, treatment steps, and your overall health and dental history are contained in your personal dental record. Over time, your record grows and becomes a valuable resource in directing your care. By looking into your dental record, Dr. Carlile can track changes over time and determine the best treatment plan.

If you experience a dental issue that requires specialized care, Dr. Carlile will use his professional network to find the right specialist for your needs. He will communicate with your specialist throughout your treatment to ensure continuity of care once your dental issue is resolved.

Click or call to schedule an appointment with Dr. Carlile today and start on your path toward optimal dental health for you and your family.